What is Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu is a traditional martial art with over 1000 years traceable lineage to the current grandmaster. Ninjutsu covers a wide variety of traditions covering unarmed combat, weapons, to battlefield techniques and strategy.


Who are the BBD

The BBD is a Europe wide organisation training under chief instructor Brian McCarthy. Originally part of the Bujinkan organisation, the BBD separated from the Bujinkan and is now an independent organisation.



The head of BBD Scotland, Angus Neilson, has trained with the BBD for over 25 years and attained the level of Yondan (4th Dan Black Belt). Other instructors in BBD Scotland are all graded to various Dan levels and have all been training for at least 10 years.

Who can train

Ninjutsu is suitable for most people, but if you have any particular issues or concerns, please contact us and we can discuss how you can get the most out of Ninjutsu. Children from 14 years of age can train, but we do ask that a parent or guardian be present.

Why should I train

Ninjutsu within the BBD will bring a range of benefits. Your fitness will improve dramatically. You will learn and develop a large range of skills that will be of benefit to all aspects of your life.

What should I wear

Ideal clothing is lightweight trousers such as tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt. No shoes are worn. Once you have trained for a while, you can obtain a black Keikogi (training suit) which are worn by students.

Grading system

There are 9 Kyu grades leading to Shodan (1st Dan black belt). Our syllabus shows the requirements for each grade and is designed as a guide to allow students to attain the knowledge to reach a Shodan level. Instructors monitor students progress and will recommend each student for grading when they feel they have the ability of each grade. All gradings are free of charge.


The BBD runs a number of courses throughout the year where you will train under the chief instructor, Brian McCarthy. Additionally, BBD Scotland holds local courses including outdoor courses throughout the year.